The Sitter

Posted: December 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Sitter

Grade: C-


Don’t you love those comedies where in the end, everyone involved learns a lesson and changes their wicked ways…kind of like every Adam Sandler movie ever made.  Well, if you do then this is the movie for you!  I hated it.  I would have given this movie a D, but there were a few laughs and it was more entertaining than any of the Twilight movies.

The Sitter stars Jonah Hill as Noah Griffith (aka The Sitter) who is a down on his luck former college student still living at home with his single mother.  When the mom gets setup on a blind date, it’s up to Noah to babysit some kids that belong to a neighbor and this is the key to the blind date setup.  Seems a bit of a convoluted way to get an adult to babysit, but I’ll go along with the party at this point.

While babysitting, Noah receives a call from his “girlfriend” who asks him to come to a party, receive sex and bring drugs.  So, in Noah’s mind, why not bring 3 kids along too.  Naturally at this point in the movie, high jinks ensue.  The story takes place in New York suburbs and the city itself, so as a viewer we are then asked to believe in an area of over 10 Million people, that the same group keeps running into each other over and over and over….  At one point, I was confused about the characters.  A new love interest was introduced, but I thought she was the same girl that carjacked the minivan from a valet.  Yup, carjacked a minivan from a valet.  This is that kind of movie.

The gross out humor is there, but not delivered very well.  I think the humor in this instance actually did a disservice to the movie.  If the female oral sex and poo jokes were left off the table maybe the writers, Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka, could have had more room to be a bit more creative.  Pendulums swing both ways, if the humor were even grosser, perhaps the jokes could have worked.  Instead we are left with humor-less mind numbing jokes ripped straight from a stand-up comedian’s first night at an Open Mic Night.

The best performance comes from an unexpected source, that being from young Landry Bender playing the part of Blithe.  She was funny and made her character believable making fun of the Paris Hiltons and Kardashian’s.  She is a girl ready for a party, but no party to go to.

Feel free to skip this movie, especially during this time of year.  There are so many better options especially with us being in the middle of awards season when studios release the very best they have to offer.  I feel the studio found a weekend where a comedy wasn’t being released hoping to capitalize on their profits.  The movie would not have stood a chance of making money during the summer.


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